Featured Artist Statement

Life Inside San Quentin

The idea  of a collaborative project for Inside Insights started when the show: Exhibition Incarceration  at the Marin County Civic Center's Bartoli Gallery was planned. 

Since the  venue is a Frank Lloyd Wright site, we chose architecture as part of the  theme, and the idea of some very familiar architecture, San Quentin,  developed in the Arts in Corrections studio. 

The second collaborative not shown on this site—Life  Outside The Walls  seemed an obvious choice  when deciding what a second mural would be.

Bruce Fowler, the very talented leader of  the mural crew, took on the work of designing  and laying out the basic images on the grids of 6 canvases. 

We then  found other artists from the program to each take a canvas and either do  the prison or the outside image without referencing the other artists’  imagery as they worked. Bruce pulled the images  together with some work on the sky and background as well as framing  each piece.

—Carol Newborg, Program Manager