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What does MC stand for?

MC Arts and Culture stands for several things, thus it is appropriate that the name have several meanings: MC can stand for Marin City where we where born. Or it can stand for Marin County with whom we partner. Ultimately, MC stands for Mistress of Ceremony or Master of Ceremony--The Divine Host of an event, performance or controller of the microphone.

Is the group a non profit organization?

No, we are not a non-profit organization, which allows for money received to go directly to our artists, along the lines of our commission structure. However, due to the community based nature of our mission, we offer tax advantages for individuals wanting to donate funds through our not for profit fiscal sponsor. 

Why should I join?

A proven philosophy is that we are stronger in collective action and presence. Our power lies in the unification of several artists and small organizations. Together we create a force to be reckoned with in the demand for spaces, funding, and visibility. Black youth, particularly in Marin County, are in dire need of cultural inspiration and role models who collaborate & work together

What are the benefits?

We connect our members to a growing network of clients looking for voice over actors, musicians, writers, dancers, performers and fine artists to exhibit. We also offer low cost workshops in the area of art promotion and hands on workshops in framing, stretching canvases, writing clinics, self publishing, and more, as requested.

Basic membership entities you to a featured page on our website displaying your picture, bio and or Artist Statement and links to your social media. Premium membership includes basic benefits, but also entitles you to promotion space in our group marketing though Facebook and other Social Media, as well as a place in our Online Store where you can sell and promote your music, art, books, products etc. 

If you write, submit or link your articles to our Arts and Culture Blog. Premium level membership also, provides you with an efficient calendar and appointment service system for your clients, and patrons. 

How much does it cost?

Basic Membership is $35 per year (less than $3 per month) Premium Membership is $75 per year. ($6.91 per month) An organization may also sponsor our ongoing operations for a year for $300 ($25 per month) 

As of January 2020 basic membership will increase to $45 and premium to $95. 

Are there meetings to attend?

We meet monthly on a free Conference Call.  You will be given a  text reminder prior to the call. Our only face to face meetings are in the form of Social Gatherings at events, exhibits and performances put on by members of MC Arts and Culture. 

How is my account tracked? How do I get paid?

When working in partnership with an organization who is charging a commission: ie: Art Galleries or other institutions, MC Arts and Culture will retain 10% of your gross proceeds in addition to the percentage charged by that organization.  However, if MC Arts and Culture is the primary curator/ sponsor, our representation fee is 25% of your gross proceeds. Other charges, such as booth and space rents may apply, however, we do our best to negotiate best rates, free or otherwise, for our members.  For online sales MC Arts and Culture Boutique retains 15% of items sold online before taxes. 


Does your Mission include White or other artists of color?

Not at this time. However, we welcome our brothers and sisters not identifying as Black African to join our movement as partners.  Inherent in our mission is the knowledge that the healing of African peoples must begin with and between African people from all over the Diaspora coming together to heal what the systems of power have diligently attempted to tear apart over the last 500 years. MC Arts and Culture cultivates partnerships with groups and individuals committed to supporting this goal.  

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