Indie B

Artist Bio-Statement

Also known as Beverly Free(Wo)man, Indie B is not only a vocal stylist, artist, visionary, but is also a songwriter, recording artist, performer, choir director, producer, graphic designer, event coordinator/planner, and new playwright, who is close to completing her work in progress entitled “this bitch” to premiere this fall of 2019.

Indie b’s musical journey began with her as a child singing gospel music in So. Central L. A. churches under such gospel music greats as Thurston Frazier, Margaret Pleasant Douroux, Alexander Hamilton, and Grammy Nominated Rickie Grundy.

Indie b has the vocal ability to sing in classical (authentic) voice, gospel and rhythm and blues music. As a soloist, Indie B has moved audiences in shows, musicals, concerts, as well as on recordings. 

Indie B has sung background vocals for and shared the stage with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Ben Vereen, Kenny Loggins, Carl Anderson, Shadow Stevens, Rose Royce, and Candy Stayton, just to name a few. Indie B has performed in such venues as the Manhattan Center, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Hollywood Bowl, The Greek Theater, Anson Ford Theater, and the Marin Civic Center. 

From South Central Los Angeles to South Africa and from the southern region of the United States to Northern California, Indie B’s soul-stirring melodies and liberating tones have been touching people from many walks of life since she was a young girl.

Indie b studied the performing arts at C. Bernard Jackson’s Inner City Cultural Center, at Marla Gibbs’s, Crossroads Art Academy.   She won an advance voice mentorship at Santa Monica City College, and was awarded private vocal coaching with Kitty Margolis at 2007 Jazz Camp West

Indie B performed in several concerts at College of Marin as a music student and recorded the following song in their studio. Indie B envisioned Marin City’s CSD 2017 King Day Celebration, and has produced her own shows/concerts, and put on shows/concerts for Churches, spiritual centers/organizations, a college, and non-profit organizations.  

One such concert she conceptualized to commemorate black history month by paying tribute to Fisk Jubilee Singers who created the genre “Negro Spirituals”. 

Indie B co-organized/coordinated the mass choir, recruited and choreographed praise dancers, musicians, soloists, and community volunteers and professional for 2013 sold out “United in Jubilation” concert. 

She’s recorded a three EPs recordings on of which 

Indie B is an artist extraordinaire