Oshalla Diana Marcus

Artist Statement

MC Arts and Culture is about making the invisible, visible. Not only for African-American artists, entrepreneurs, and educators living and or working in Marin County, but also for the thousands of creators who are prisoners serving time at San Quentin Penitentiary, located in Marin. 

I have collected many diamonds of ancestral wisdom and contemporary inspirations, one being a quote given during a lecture  (College of Marin 2019) by Angela Davis, who was asked, "What advice she would give to young Black students living in Marin County today?  Her Answer?: "Create Community."  

The creation of MC Arts & Culture is my response to her reply. 

Many people know or imagine Marin to be a mono-cultural, place of natural beauty, which is true, but that narrative goes deeper. 

My grand-parents migrated to to Marin City in 1942. The population was 99% African-American from the early 1950’s up until the mid 1990's; within a county that was fabricated to be predominately White-Euro. 

Weaved into this cloth is a tapestry that repeats itself throughout the United States. One that is still unfolding as America undergoes another major shift, from coast to coast. The history of Marin and Marin City is microcosm of American history.

"I stand on the shoulders of those who created majesty in the face of tragedy. My body, shaped by study of dance and yoga; my mind, sharpened by inspiration gained from the literary arts, investigative journalists, historians and anthropologists. My life, shaped by experience, family, community. I am grateful for it all. 

Whether curating an exhibit, formulating a hair product, or producing a project, I know my blessings originate from a Divine force; nurtured in conscious community.

I am humbled to be a conductor leading A New Railroad where everyone on board the train is already free."

Oshalla Diana Marcus