Ricardo Moncrief

Artist Statement

The Chronicles of Madam FloodPuppy

Ricardo, Detroit Native, Marin Resident 1981, Disabled, Viet Nam Vet, Social Equity Activist,

Creative Writer and Musician. Director of “ISOJI” (e-so-gee) Equity Activism and the ISOJI

Art-is-Health Jazz-Fusion Band.

I am the creator of “The Chronicles of Madam FloodPuppy” a library of creative writing

materials, started in Viet Nam (1971) when I start using funny names to attach my fellow

soldiers as a way to deflect from the horrifics of a war zone. These funny names would

spontaneously popped up from by subconscious and I would greet by buddies with one of


 I would later call this sub-mind the “The 2nd World” ... My fellow soldiers thought of

this as a humorous diversion and would ask “who am I today”? ... and Bingo a new name

would just coming rolling into existence.

In 1980 I graduated from the University of Maryland with a self-designed ad hoc curricula

focusing on health related topics. I also started using my odd-funny names aka “NameSongs”

to identify all my literary art works which included *streams of consciousness, humor, satire,

tiny-tales, new-words, verse, music, commentary (social and political) and even movie reviews.

I later started integrating attributes from the health, wellness and prevention idioms.

3,000-plus, NameSongs later, and being a practitioner of the Arts, what eventually emerged

was an expanded view of the world of arts along with the under-stated connections with

health. Hence, our current campaign theme “Art-Is-Health” ... 

This is a concept that would tie together multiple attributes and benefits of health, wellness, prevention, and particularly *self-worth/esteem to the huge vista-spectrum of Art. Art is everywhere – so health should be. 

This includes everything from environmental art, athletics, journaling, literary works, fine and pop arts, culinary and nutritional art, designing anything, gardening-landscaping, music and performance arts and on and on. 

Hence another slogan “Art Is Everywhere – Health is Everything”

My passion is to implement a public service brand and icon that instantly advocates &

promotes the utility of art to engage fans/readers to *connect with their 2nd World (the Art-

Within), do self & public empowerment messaging, help remove stigmas in the mental health

domain, *increase self-investment into personal wellness, *examine career or entrepreneurial

options, *use Madam as a reminder or discovery of health tidbits, *help Madam sponsor other

related “infotainment” art and health projects.

Thus, if the arty-chicken can cross the road, so can our fans and readers; and by chance, run

into NameSongs like *Princess Rising Biscuit, *DoWop Darvy-Dumpl’n, *Colonel OneWadd

TightRat, *Prince Zombie Waffle, *Missy-Missy WaterTight Caldonia the Mermaid and 3,000

plus ... know that Madam FloodPuppy is giving us incentive to engage in the Arts and “XY”,

Xpress YourHealthSelf.