Membership Information, Application and Payment


Your Basic membership ($35) 

Fee will increase to $45 as of January 1, 2020

Entitles you to:

  • A featured page on our website: A dedicated page will display your picture, bio and or Artist Statement as well as links to your other online platforms.  
  •  Promotion in our seasonal MC Arts & Culture Magazine which will publish your events to various communities.
  • Have your events and promotions uploaded to our Facebook Page. 

(Membership at this level is less than $3 per month)

Your Premium Membership ($75) 

Fee will increase to $95 as of Jan 1. 2020. 

Entitles you to:

  • A spot in our Online Store where you can sell and promote your music, art, books, products etc.  
  • An appointment service for your clients to book appointments. This system sends out text and email reminders. 

(Membership at this level is $6.25 per month)

"Like" our Facebook page Invite your friends to like it as well. We already have 168 likes that will easily expand into thousands as we combine our communities. The Page Feed will advertise and market events, exhibits and performances and ultimately network with other organizations.  We are busy setting up our other social media platforms, including Instagram @mcartsandculture and Twitter accounts. 

The MC Arts & Culture Newsletter will keep you updated to calendar of exhibits, shows, gigs, grants and other opportunities. The MC Arts & Cultural Affairs Show is currently in production. Your premium membership will allow you to be featured in this Music Video Style show on the web.



Your membership comes with a one time 15 minute phone intake meeting with our director. who will  invite you to share your vision, and how MC Arts and Culture can best serve it. 

In addition to :

  • A Monthly Conference Call, precluded by a 48 hour text reminder.
  • Our only face to face meetings are in the form of Social Gatherings at events, exhibits and performances put on by members of MC Arts and Culture. 

A proven philosophy is that we are stronger in our collective actions and presence. Our power lies in the unification of several artists and small organizations. Together we create a force to be reckoned in the demand for spaces, funding, and visibility.   

Looking forward to creating with you. 

In Solidarity,  MC Arts and Culture